falls creek farm wedding venue in connecticut

All-inclusive wedding packages in CT can be the light at the end of the tunnel for couples planning their big day in New England. After countless hours of venue searching followed by numerous more hours searching for your dream vendors, the choices start to blur, and the fun can be zapped out of the process. That’s where Falls Creek Farm in Moosup, Connecticut, comes in! I’ve seen so many happy couples choose this countryside venue’s all-inclusive package and go on to have relaxing and one-of-a-kind weddings. In this blog, I’ll walk you through the 7 distinct venue spaces that Falls Creek Farm has to offer, provide you with some essential planning tips for weddings in CT, and answer some FAQs! Happy planning! :)

Address: 368 Bailey Rd, Moosup, CT 06354

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A Dream Come True: All Inclusive Wedding Packages in CT

Planning your wedding with your better half should be the most magical thing ever,the process being stress-free is even more magical.This is precisely what an all-inclusive wedding in Connecticut guarantees. You don’t have to bother about coordinating with 20 different vendors or having a keen eye on every detail. You can concentrate on one thing – letting love shine through while surrounded by friends and family!

Falls Creek Farm

Explore Falls Creek Farm

Falls Creek Farm is a stunning choice for an all-inclusive wedding in Connecticut. The vast fields, quiet woods, and picturesque lake make it look like something straight out of a fairytale. Here’s why you should pick Falls Creek Farm:

Picturesque–The farm itself offers breathtaking sceneries that require very little additional decoration.

Private– You never have to share our space with other party-goers or events; we have only one calendar entry per day!

Cozy Accommodations– Cozy cottages are available for rent so that both you and your guests can stay overnight comfortably.

Full-Service– From flower arrangements to catering, we have everything in-house.

If you are thinking of having your wedding at Falls Creek Farm, our all-inclusive packages will create the perfect balance of understated elegance with a rustic touch for an unforgettable day.

falls creek farm wedding venue in connecticut

7 Breathtaking Venue Spaces

falls creek farm wedding venue in connecticut | rustic wedding venues in ct

1. Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is nestled within our venue’s grounds, providing a secluded and enchanting outdoor space. Enclosed by lush green surroundings, blooming flowers and winding pathways, it is an intimate place for small ceremonies or cocktail receptions. It is a private and beautifully natural place where timeless wedding memories can be captured thanks to nature’s peace.

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2. Lakefront Ceremony Space

If you dream of rolling hills and sparkling water on your wedding day, our lakefront ceremony space is an ideal spot for you to exchange your vows.

Falls Creek Farm

3. Bridal Suite

Our Bridal Suite is the ultimate luxury getaway for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready on their special day. The bridal suite has fine furnishings as well as ample areas needed for performing make-up under flattering lighting designs using mirrors. This suite has provisions that cater to every need, including an indoor pool for photo opportunities where one can relax before walking down the aisle.

Falls Creek Farm | wedding venues in CT

4. Stone Chapel

The chapel is a precious stone gem with ageless architecture and peacefulness. With its stone walls and stained glass windows that cast soft, multicolored light, it offers an intimate setting with a romantic touch for wedding ceremonies. It is a place of reverence and tradition in which you can make cherished memories.

Falls Creek Farm

5. Italian Chapel

Our Italian Chapel is inspired by timeless Italian architectural design and has a blend of modernity. It is an ideal location for ceremonies and small gatherings due to its elaborate designs, vaulted ceilings, and beautiful frescos. The feeling of the chapel takes one to Italy’s most ancient times of love, thus making it good for couples who want unique sites for their wedding occasion.

falls creek farm wedding venue in connecticut

6. Champagne Barn

On the property’s North side yet this indoor reception area can be transformed into anything you want depending on your theme using neutral tones.

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7. The Century Tent

Our tented weddings create a unique mix between elegance and nature. Our tented reception space will leave guests amazed at how beautiful it looks from inside with draped fabrics, gentle lights and hanging flowers.

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Some of Our Inclusions…

We take pride at Falls Creek Farm for providing an extensive range of top-notch facilities that will ensure that your wedding is not only beautiful but also comfortable. Our location boasts:

  • 200 Brown Cross Back Chairs
  • 150 Outdoor Ceremony Chairs
  • 40 Farm Tables
  • 25 Round Tables
  • Wedding Signage
  • Linens
  • Arch
  • Umbrellas
  • Space Heaters
  • Lawn Games
  • Luxury Bathroom Trailers
  • Onsite Accommodations

All these accessories have been carefully chosen to add value to your experience while relieving any unnecessary anxiety about finding them separately. At Falls Creek Farm, we want the best for you on this special day.

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Navigating Costs: Budgeting For Your Big Day

Average Costs of All-Inclusive Packages in Connecticut

It is important to know that price ranges can vary greatly when you are thinking about an all-inclusive wedding package in Connecticut. These factors include the venue’s reputation, how complete the package is, and the date you choose. I suggest getting a few detailed quotes from different places to see what’s out there and ensure you’re getting the most for your money. All-inclusive packages are supposed to simplify things but it never hurts to double-check exactly what each covers – nobody wants surprise charges later!

Falls Creek Farm

Tips For Managing Wedding Your Finances




• Set a realistic overall budget early in the planning process

• Break down the budget into categories (venue, catering, attire, etc.) or opt for an all-inclusive package for one lump sum

• Use a spreadsheet or wedding budget app to track expenses

• Include a 10-15% buffer for unexpected costs

Prioritizing Your “Must-Have’s”

• Identify your top 3-5 must-haves for the wedding

• Allocate more of your budget to these priority areas

• Be willing to compromise or save on less important aspects


• Open a separate savings account for wedding expenses

• Set up automatic transfers to this account each month

• Consider taking on extra work or side gigs for additional income

• Cut back on non-essential expenses during the planning period

Vendor Selection

• Get quotes from multiple vendors for each service

• Read contracts carefully and understand what’s included

• Negotiate when possible, especially for off-peak dates

• Ask about package deals or discounts for booking multiple services

Guest List Management

• Be strategic with your guest list to control costs

• Consider a smaller, more intimate celebration

• Limit plus-ones to long-term partners or married couples

DIY and Alternatives

• Explore DIY options for decorations, favors, or invitations

• Consider alternative options like a brunch wedding or a cocktail reception

• Look into non-traditional venues that may be more cost-effective


• Consider an off-season or non-Saturday wedding for potential savings

• Book vendors early to lock in prices and avoid last-minute premiums


• Discuss financial expectations with your partner and families

• Be clear about who is contributing and how much

• Keep all involved parties updated on budget progress

Credit Card Hacks

• Use a rewards credit card for wedding purchases to earn points

• Consider opening a 0% APR card for large purchases if needed

Post-Wedding Planning

• Factor in honeymoon costs when budgeting

• Plan for thank-you notes and any post-wedding celebrations

• Discuss how to handle any monetary gifts received

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FAQs: All You Need to Know About Planning Your Wedding in CT

What are some benefits of choosing an all-inclusive wedding package besides it being a more manageable process?

Opting for an all-inclusive wedding package streamlines the planning process by bundling services and costs, including food & beverage selections (a win on its own!), but it’s also typically more budget-friendly. Plus, with experts handling the details, you can expect a level of professionalism and coordination that you usually wouldn’t get with a venue-only package unless you paid more for an outside planning or coordination company.

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How far in advance should I book your venue?

For most all-inclusive venues in Connecticut, booking at least 12 to 18 months in advance is a smart move. This gives us ample time to secure your preferred date, especially if you’re eyeing a popular venue or planning to wed during peak season. Plus, early booking often provides more time for customization and planning.

falls creek farm wedding venue in connecticut

Can I customize my all-inclusive wedding?

Absolutely! All-inclusive wedding venues offer convenience and customization options to tailor the day to your taste. From menu selection to decor choices, we can work with you to ensure your wedding vision is realized while still providing the convenience of an all-in-one package.

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Are there lodging options nearby for out-of-town guests?

Yes! Falls Creek Farm offers a range of overnight accommodations including a 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom house with a bridal suite and enclosed pool room, along with a 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom two-story garden house, and a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom cape house near the banquet hall. All three homes are fully equipped with kitchens decorated in a minimalist Airbnb style and feature amenities like internet, TVs in every room, and laundry facilities. Additionally, there are 19 camper hookups, primarily for horse shows, with new facilities including dump onsite.

For you to have the best wedding day (or weekend!) ever, here is a local guide to accommodations, sights, clubs, and restaurants near Falls Creek Farm for those not familiar with our area.

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Where can wedding guests stay in Hartford, Connecticut?

The closest international airport to Falls Creek Farm is the Bradley International Airport (BDL) in Windsor Locks, just outside of Hartford. Since this is where most out-of-towners fly into, many guests look for lodging in the Hartford area and then drive just under an hour to Falls Creek Farm on the wedding day. Luckily, Hartford offers many accommodation options including:

  • Hotels: Choose from budget-friendly hotels or indulge in luxury at spots like the Hartford Marriott Downtown or the Hilton Hartford for convenience and full-service amenities.
  • Bed and Breakfasts: For a quaint and cozy stay, guests might enjoy places like the Simsbury 1820 House or the Lily House Bed and Breakfast, offering personal touches and a homey atmosphere.
  • Vacation Rentals: Larger groups or families may prefer the extra space found in rental properties available through Airbnb or VRBO, ranging from apartments to entire homes.

Falls Creek Farm

What is the weather like seasonally in CT?

*If you’re viewing this chart on mobile, flip your phone sideways.



Average Temp (°F)





45°F – 65°F


• Beautiful blooms and fresh greenery

• Unpredictable weather

• Potential for rain showers


Jun – Aug

70°F – 85°F

Low to Moderate

• Warm, sunny days ideal for outdoor weddings

• Peak wedding season (higher costs)

• Humidity can be high in July and August


Sep – Nov

50°F – 70°F


• Stunning fall foliage

• Comfortable temperatures

• Popular season, book early


Dec – Feb

25°F – 40°F

Moderate (often snow)

• Potential for scenic snow-covered landscapes

• Indoor venues necessary

• The holiday season can affect guest availability

Falls Creek Farm

Start Planning

So what are you waiting for? The Falls Creek Farm’s team is waiting to help you plan your dream wedding. You can start as soon as today and explore all of the offers that we have made available to you! Wherever you decide to hold your big day, your ideal wedding is within reach and easier than you think with an all-inclusive package. Cheers to love, laughter, and happy endings!