In the heart of Common Sense Events (CSE) beats a desire to create more than just beautiful celebrations; we aim to create a profound impact within our community. Through a heartfelt partnership with Event Helper, we’ve discovered a way to infuse our events with compassion and turn our clients’ celebrations into acts of giving.

A Bond Beyond Business

At CSE, we don’t just offer event services; we forge connections. Our partnership with Event Helper is more than a business collaboration—it’s a bond rooted in shared values and a shared commitment to giving back. Through this partnership, we’re able to provide our clients with affordable event insurance that offers comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.

However, our partnership goes far beyond the transactional. It’s an opportunity to weave kindness and charity into every event, every moment, and every choice we make. For each event insurance booked through our partner link, we pledge to donate 100% of our partner commission to a cherished local organization: Got Your Back San Diego.

Expanding Our Impact

At CSE, we believe in the incredible potential of unity. In addition to donating our partner commission, we’ve chosen to magnify our impact by doubling the giving. For every partner commission we contribute to Got Your Back San Diego, we match it with our own company’s donation. This means that every step of the way, we’re doubling the compassion, doubling the change, and doubling the hope we bring to our community.

Got Your Back San Diego: Nourishing Hearts and Souls

The organization that has captured our hearts is Got Your Back San Diego. This remarkable non-profit addresses a vital need in our community. Many children who rely on school meals during the week find themselves without a consistent source of food on weekends. Got Your Back San Diego steps in to bridge this gap, ensuring that these children have access to nourishing meals even outside of school hours.

Dedicated volunteers pour their love into preparing backpacks filled with sustenance, allowing each child to enjoy six wholesome meals every weekend. A simple $30 donation to Got Your Back San Diego can provide a month’s worth of meals for a child in need. It’s a small gesture with immeasurable impact, touching not just the body but also the heart and soul of each young individual.

Turning Moments into Meaning

At CSE, we believe that every moment, every celebration, and every event can carry a deeper significance. Through our collaboration with Event Helper, every wedding we coordinate and every event we insure becomes a channel of generosity. With every choice, we’re actively participating in a circle of care that reverberates throughout our community.

To our cherished clients and partners, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your decision to join hands with us doesn’t just ensure the success of your events; it generates a brighter future for the children of San Diego. Together, we’re illustrating that celebrations are not just about fleeting moments; they’re about creating lasting change.

Common Sense Events isn’t just about crafting unforgettable memories; it’s about leaving a legacy of compassion, unity, and genuine concern. With each event, every insurance policy, and all the children we help feed, we’re reminded that the most heartfelt acts of kindness can radiate the most profound impact.


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