Looking for Ramona wedding venues in CA? Well, you’re in for a treat! Allow us to introduce our picturesque winery wedding venue, Milagro Winery. Your dream wedding awaits!

milagro winery wedding

SoCal’s Premier Wedding Destination: Milagro Winery

Milagro Winery encompasses 110 acres of beautiful, sprawling property. Tie the knot amidst the rustic elegance of Ramona’s vineyards and experience Milagro Winery’s luxury all-inclusive weddings, picturesque settings, and unparalleled service.

Address: 18750 Littlepage Rd, Ramona, CA 92065

milagro winery weddings

Welcome to Milagro Winery

Retreat to an oasis nestled among the rolling hills and vineyards where love stories blossom and wedding dreams come true. In the heart of sunny California, Ramona offers a blend of rustic elegance and breathtaking views that create an idyllic backdrop for your big day. Milagro Winery is an outdoor lovers’ coastal paradise dotted with impressive granite boulders and live oaks in North San Diego County.

milagro winery weddings

Plan Your Wedding at Milagro

We’ve created this helpful map to plan your wedding day (or weekend!). Check out some amazing local bars, restaurants, and accommodations. You can of course enjoy the wine right here at Milagro :)

milagro weddings san diego winery venue

Why choose Milagro?

  • Unmatched Scenery: Nestled in Ramona’s serene landscapes, Milagro offers an array of awe-inspiring backcountry vistas that will make your wedding photographs timeless treasures.
  • Dedicated Team: Our venue is managed by Common Sense Events, ensuring each aspect of your day is handled with professional finesse backed by years of expertise.
  • Tailored Experiences: We believe your wedding should be as unique as you are, offering customizable options to align with your vision.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Venues: Whether you dream of an open-air ceremony or a cozy celebration indoors, Milagro provides settings for every preference.
  • Exclusive Amenities: Unique features, like our granite Wine Cave, add a touch of grandeur to your event.

milagro weddings san diego winery venue

Common Sense Events: Transforming Event Dreams into Reality

Common Sense Event Venues (CSE) is a comprehensive venue management company that collaborates with diverse venues throughout the USA. Specializing in full venue management, CSE is committed to partnering with property owners to offer exquisite event spaces tailored for couples seeking to host their special day with family and friends. Our refined processes, developed over years in the events industry and across a spectrum of properties, equip us with the knowledge and industry insight to ensure your event is truly unforgettable. We look forward to speaking with you and turning your event dreams into a reality.

milagro weddings san diego winery venue

Our Ramona Wedding Venues With a View

  • Our Ceremony Lawn
    • Exclusive and private space for exchanging vows.
    • Surrounded by ancient oak trees, creating a timeless and picturesque canopy.
    • Intimate atmosphere for you and your guests.
  • The Reception Patio
    • Seamless transition from ceremony to celebration.
    • Illuminated by the warm glow of string lights in the evening.
    • Ideal for toasts, dining, and dancing under the starlit sky.
    • Romantic and intimate ambiance for your special day.
  • Our Wine Cave
    • Granite Wine Cave in the heart of Milagro Winery.
    • Sophisticated and unique space for wine tastings, cocktail hours, or intimate gatherings.
    • Rustic allure and cool ambiance provide a charming setting adds a touch of character to your celebration.

Milagro Winery Weddings offers a trio of exceptional venues, each contributing to the overall charm and personalized experience of your special day.

1 milagro wedding venue in san diego

Breathtaking Panoramas for a Picturesque Backdrop

At Milagro Winery, the open sky and rolling hills cast a symphony of color, setting a stunning scene for your special moments.

  • Capture the essence of beauty as the sun kisses the horizon, leaving hues of gold and pink across the sky, providing a naturally perfect canvas for your wedding photos. Everyone needs the perfect sunset photo!
  • With views that reach out to the mountains and vineyards, you’ll feel transported into a world where your love story is the centerpiece of an exquisite masterpiece. Capture Insta-worthy moments all day long!

Every inch of our property offers a striking view, making your wedding not just a day to remember but a work of art that will leave everyone enchanted.

Meet Our Team

Romantic Vineyards and Scenic Outdoor Spaces

Milagro Winery, one of the most enchanting wineries, is a love letter to the romantics at heart, with its sprawling vineyards and lush outdoor spaces that dance under the open sky. These charming features beckon you to start your new chapter amidst the embrace of nature:

  • Stroll Down the Vines.
    • Imagine walking hand-in-hand through rows of vibrant grapevines, promising a life of adventure as your first steps as a married couple are blessed by the serene ambiance of nature. It’s *mwah*, chefs kiss!
  • Celebrate Under the Stars.
    • When evening descends, the outdoor spaces transform into a celestial venue, where soft lights twinkle above as you dine and dance, surrounded by the caress of the cool, night breeze.

7 milagro wedding venue in san diego

Services That Make Your Day Special

Expert Event Planners to Shape Your Perfect Day

Wave goodbye to wedding planning stress because at Milagro Winery, our expert event planners and their comprehensive venue management services are here to orchestrate all the details, ensuring your day flows as smoothly as the fine wine poured from our cellars.

  • With years of experience, our planners will guide you through the entire process, from initial concepts to the final execution on your wedding day. We are skilled at weaving together the threads of your vision into a seamless celebration.
  • Attuned to the latest trends and time-honored traditions, we will help you strike the perfect balance for an event that is both stylish and personal. Should you wish for something unique, we are adept at sourcing and incorporating special touches that reflect your individuality.

Trust in our expertise to manage timelines, coordinate with vendors, and use planning sites like The Knot WorldWide, to execute your event flawlessly for you and your guests.

6 milagro wedding venue in san diego

Customizable Packages for a Personalized Experience

We’re firm believers that your wedding package should be as special and individual as your love story. At Milagro Winery, we offer you the freedom to tailor your experience with customizable wedding packages:

  • Flexibility to Fit Your Style
    • Our packages are designed to be as unique as our couples. Choose from a variety of options that resonate with your personal taste and wedding theme.
  • Attention to Every Detail
    • Whether it’s specific floral arrangements or a custom menu featuring local cuisine, our team will help you personalize each aspect of your package.
  • Transparent Pricing
    • Say “I do” to clear, upfront costs. We provide detailed breakdowns so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for — no surprise fees here.



Guests (1-50)

Guests (51-100)

Guests (101-200)

High Season

Monday – Thursday




Friday + Sunday








Low Season

Monday – Thursday




Friday + Sunday








Lake House Day Use


*Costs subject to change.

  • Variety of Amenities: From catering services and bar options to lighting and sound, our packages cover all the essentials and more for a worry-free celebration.
  • Add-Ons for Extra Magic: Enhance your package with special add-ons such as a fireside lounge, a wine-tasting reception, or a farewell brunch to end your festivities on a high note.

Our commitment is to align with your vision and deliver an experience that resonates with your preferences, ensuring your wedding day is everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

Making Memories to Last a Lifetime

From Intimate Gatherings to Grand Galas

Whether you envision a close-knit affair with your nearest and dearest or a lavish celebration with up to 400 guests, we have the flexibility to accommodate weddings and family reunions of all sizes without compromising on the intimacy and grandeur of your event.

  • Intimate Celebrations: Our cozy niches and smaller spaces offer a sense of togetherness, perfect for gatherings that celebrate quality time with every guest.
  • Grand Galas: Our expansive grounds and elegant ballrooms effortlessly cater to larger parties, ensuring each attendee feels welcomed and cherished.

At Milagro Winery, your day will be remembered for its heartfelt moments and personalized touches, from the quiet exchange of vows to the joyful dance-offs beneath the stars.

13 milagro wedding venue in san diego

Diverse Ceremony Options at Milagro

Explore a range of special celebrations at our stunning venue:

Civil Union: Experience the celebration of love with a Civil Union at Milagro, where the beauty of our venue provides a perfect backdrop for legal unions. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your ceremony reflects your unique bond, creating a memorable start to your shared journey.

Commitment Ceremony: Celebrate your commitment with a personalized ceremony at Milagro. Whether you’re choosing to solidify your bond privately or share it with loved ones, our versatile spaces and dedicated team ensure a meaningful and joyous occasion.

Elopement: For an intimate and romantic escape, Milagro offers a stunning setting for elopements. Say “I do” surrounded by the beauty of nature, with the privacy and elegance that our venue provides, creating a truly special moment between you and your partner.

Interfaith Ceremony: Milagro welcomes couples of diverse backgrounds with open arms. Our venue provides a neutral and inclusive space for Interfaith Ceremonies, allowing you to blend traditions and create a ceremony that reflects both of your unique cultural or religious backgrounds.

Non-Religious Ceremony: Celebrate love in a secular manner with a Non-Religious Ceremony at Milagro. Our versatile venues offer a blank canvas for you to customize your ceremony, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your values and preferences.

Religious Ceremony: For couples seeking a sacred and spiritual setting, Milagro accommodates Religious Ceremonies. Whether you wish to incorporate specific religious traditions or simply embrace the sanctity of the moment, our venue provides a serene and respectful atmosphere.

Second Wedding: Embark on a new chapter of love with a Second Wedding at Milagro. Our venue celebrates the beauty of second chances, providing a unique and memorable space for you to reaffirm your commitment and create new memories with those you hold dear.

Vow Renewal Ceremony: Renew your vows in a picturesque setting at Milagro. Whether you’re commemorating a milestone or simply reaffirming your love, our venue offers a romantic backdrop for Vow Renewal Ceremonies, creating a heartfelt experience for you and your partner.

11 milagro wedding venue in san diego

Client Reviews

Our clients’ heartfelt testimonials make all of our hard work worth it.

  • 5-Star Celebrations: With an outstanding average of 5.0 stars from numerous reviews, our commitment to creating your ideal wedding day shines through in every word of praise.

Reviewed on 12/24 by The Toasty Tap – Elisa G.

Milagro is an absolute vision! From the ceremony site to the vineyard and the stunning cave, what’s not to love?! The Toasty Tap has worked with Milagro for many beautiful weddings. The staff is such a treat to work with and puts the needs of their clients first. Their venue does create an unforgettable experience!

16 milagro wedding venue in san diego

Reviewed on 10/24 by Maggie C.

This was the best venue we could have chosen for our wedding From the very beginning, Milagro staff and family have been so welcoming, helpful, and communicative. The venue itself is so beautiful and intimate, that all of our guests were blown away. We didn’t even need that much decor because of how lush and beautiful the venue already is. We ended up going with a lot of their preferred vendors and everyone killed it as a team. I can not thank Milagro enough for making our wedding dreams come true and making us feel so special and welcome throughout the entire experience.

9 milagro wedding venue in san diego

FAQS About Planning Your Ramona Wedding

Can I find an all-inclusive wedding package in Ramona?

Yes, you can find all-inclusive wedding packages in Ramona. Milagro Winery, for instance, offers comprehensive packages that cover essentials like catering, bar services, and event coordination to make your planning stress-free. These packages are designed for convenience and can be customized to fit your unique wedding needs.

8 milagro wedding venue in san diego

How far in advance should I book my wedding venue in Ramona?

It’s wise to book your wedding venue in Ramona at least 12 to 18 months in advance, especially if you have a specific date in mind. Popular venues like Milagro Winery fill up quickly, especially during peak wedding season. Early booking ensures you secure your desired location and gives you ample time to plan your dream wedding.

4 milagro wedding venue in san diego

How close are nearby cities to Ramona, CA?

  • San Diego- 36 miles
  • Escondido- 18 miles
  • El Cajon- 24 miles
  • Poway- 13 miles

Milagro Winery Wedding Gorgeous Dress and Vines

Are there any other California wedding venues nearby?

Yes, here are a few: Woodson Castle, Manzanita Hollow, Sycuan Casino Resort, Westwynd, Bernardo Winery, and Canopy Grove…just to name a few ;)

milagro winery weddings

Book Your Wedding Day at Milagro

Witness firsthand our enchanting vineyards, sprawling outdoor spaces, and unique ambiance at Milagro Winery. Our tours are designed to give you a comprehensive look at all we offer, as well as a chance to meet our dedicated team who will bring your wedding dreams to life.

Step 1: Explore Our Venue Online

Begin your journey by delving into the Milagro Winery website. Discover the breathtaking landscapes, enchanting event spaces, and the rustic charm that defines our venue. Familiarize yourself with the diverse options available, from outdoor ceremonies to indoor receptions, and uncover the unique features that set us apart.

Step 2: Inquire & Schedule Your Tour

Experience the magic of Milagro Winery firsthand through a personalized tour. Let our knowledgeable staff guide you through the venue, showcasing different event spaces, providing insights into our amenities, and answering any questions you may have.

Step 3: Come Prepared with Questions

Prepare a list of questions for your tour. Whether they’re about event space capacity, preferred vendor availability, or wedding day logistics, our team is ready to equip you with all the information needed to make an informed decision.

milagro winery weddings

Step 4: Immerse Yourself in the Experience

During your tour, immerse yourself in the experience. Envision your ceremony possibilities, visualize your reception in the Lakehouse or amid the vineyards, and explore how our blank canvas approach can bring your exact wedding vision to life.

Step 5: Secure Your Date

If Milagro Winery has captured your heart, it’s time to secure your date. Our team will assist you in the booking process, ensuring your preferred date is reserved for your special day. From there, embark on planning the details that will transform your dream wedding into a reality.