falls creek farm wedding venue in connecticut

Have you ever dreamed of a wedding that blends the charm of Connecticut’s countryside with the timeless elegance of a rustic barn setting? Welcome to Common Sense Events, where we showcase the most enchanting barn wedding venues across Connecticut including Falls Creek Farm, offering a unique blend of pastoral beauty and refined sophistication. From weathered wooden beams to sprawling landscapes, our venues promise to turn your special day into a picturesque celebration amidst the serene beauty of New England’s countryside. Join us as we explore the allure of Connecticut’s barn wedding venues, where history meets romance.

Address: 368 Bailey Rd, Moosup, CT 06354

Falls Creek Farm

Discover Enchanting Barn Wedding Venues in Connecticut

In the heart of New England lies a trend that has caught the fancy of engaged couples far and wide: barn weddings. We’re increasingly falling in love with the union of simplicity and sophistication that these rustic settings offer.

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What Defines Connecticut’s Rustic Venues

Connecticut’s rustic venues are a tapestry of tradition and elegance, where the historical meets the picturesque. We’re talking about weathered barns that stand as proud sentinels of New England’s rural past, now repurposed with a modern-day touch. The aesthetic is defined by authentic barn wood, beams that crisscross against the expanse of high lofts, and the surrounding lush landscapes that provide a natural, vibrant backdrop.

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Welcome to Falls Creek Farm in Moosup, CT

Envision being surrounded by 300 acres of rolling hills, woodland trails, and sun-kissed meadows. It’s a venue where each corner uncovers a new opportunity to create memories and where each moment feels exclusively tailored just for you. From the gentle whispers of leaves to the tranquil paths that invite you on a journey, we extend a warm welcome. Come and be captivated by the charm and splendor of Falls Creek Farm.

Falls Creek Farm

Unique Amenities at Our Venue

Our venue’s rustic charm seamlessly merges with timeless elegance amidst stunning landscapes and premier equestrian facilities, creating the dream wedding location. Whether you dream of a rustic wedding or a sophisticated outdoor affair, our versatile spaces and dedicated team ensure a truly enchanting event.

Seating Options

  • 200 Brown Cross Back Chairs for indoor events
  • 150 Outdoor Ceremony Chairs for open-air gatherings

Table Arrangements

  • 40 Farm Tables for a rustic dining experience
  • 25 Round Tables for flexible seating arrangements

Decor and Accessories

  • Wedding Signage to personalize your event
  • Linens in various colors and styles to complement your theme
  • Arch for a picturesque ceremony backdrop
  • Umbrellas for shade and comfort during outdoor events
  • Space Heaters to keep guests warm during cooler seasons

Entertainment and Recreation

  • Lawn Games for guests to enjoy during downtime


  • Luxury Bathroom Trailers ensure comfort and convenience.

Falls Creek Farm

Our Venue Spaces

  1. Secret Garden: Nestled within our venue’s grounds, the Secret Garden offers a secluded and enchanting outdoor space. Surrounded by lush greenery, blooming flowers, and winding pathways, it provides a serene setting for intimate ceremonies or cocktail receptions. The Secret Garden exudes a sense of privacy and natural beauty, perfect for capturing timeless wedding moments amidst nature’s tranquility.
  2. Lakefront Ceremony Space: If you dream of rolling hills and sparkling water, our lakefront ceremony space is perfect.
  3. Bridal Suite: Our Bridal Suite is a luxurious haven designed to pamper and prepare the bridal party. Featuring elegant furnishings, ample space for preparations, and mirrors adorned with soft lighting, it ensures that every bride feels radiant and ready for her special day. The suite is equipped with amenities to cater to every need, offering a serene environment for relaxing and getting ready before walking down the aisle.
  4. Stone Chapel: The Stone Chapel stands as a historic gem on our property, characterized by its timeless architecture and serene atmosphere. With stone walls and stained glass windows casting soft, colorful light, it provides a romantic and intimate setting for wedding ceremonies. The chapel’s ambiance evokes a sense of reverence and tradition, making it a cherished venue for exchanging vows and creating lasting memories.
  5. Italian Chapel: Inspired by classic Italian architecture, our Italian Chapel combines Old World charm with modern elegance. Featuring ornate details, arched ceilings, and intricate frescoes, it offers a sophisticated backdrop for ceremonies and intimate gatherings. The Italian Chapel’s ambiance transports guests to a place of romance and cultural richness, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a distinctive and memorable wedding venue experience.
  6. Champagne Barn: Nestled on the North side of the property, this indoor reception area offers a blank canvas with neutral tones, allowing you to fully customize it to your theme.
  7. Century Tent: Our tented weddings offer an unparalleled blend of sophistication and natural beauty. With draped fabrics, soft lighting, and ethereal hanging florals, guests will be enchanted by the interior of our tented reception space.

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Personalizing Your Farm Wedding Experience

When we say your wedding at our farm venue is uniquely yours, we mean it! We love watching you sprinkle personal touches throughout the space, transforming it into a reflection of your love story. Hang family photos along the wooden beams, showcase your DIY decor that speaks to your joint creativity, or introduce a signature drink named after your beloved pet. Go on, let your personality shine through!

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Incorporating Local Splendor in Your Theme

Inviting the local splendor into your wedding theme is like letting the soul of Connecticut whisper its stories into your celebration. Think of centerpieces incorporating the seasonal bounty from local farms or bouquets that burst with the state’s native blooms. Perhaps, even your menu can be a gastronomic journey through the local cuisine—farm-to-table dishes that highlight freshness and community. There’s magic in the details when you weave in the charm of the locale, creating a tapestry that not only beautifies but also grounds your wedding in the authenticity and heart of the region.

Falls Creek Farm


Reviewed by Sally

Toured this wedding venue and fell in love! There is a new management team in place and some really special new venue locations that the new team has created. Marisa and Jonathan and the new team members are so helpful and have definitely turned things around! Excited to have our wedding there!

Reviewed by Stephanie

We were recently guests at Falls Creek Farm and could not have been more charmed. The grounds are beautiful, and the reception venue is pretty and could coordinate with any decor. We loved that there was a B&B onsite; it was clean and well decorated, very welcoming. The food was delicious—the only sauce I’ve had that’s better than theirs is my grandmother’s and the dessert was a decadent brownie with ice cream. The hosts were so generous and kind to our group and the service was outstanding. Highly recommend.

Falls Creek Farm

Navigating Logistics at a Barn Venue

Understanding Venue Restrictions and Flexibility

We value transparency and encourage you to ask questions about vendor policies, décor limitations, and setup times. While we’re here to accommodate your needs, certain restrictions may apply to preserve the integrity of our historic structures and the surrounding environment. We strive to offer flexibility where it matters most, and our team is committed to working with you to find solutions that bring your dream wedding to life while respecting our venue’s unique character.

falls creek farm wedding venue in connecticut

Optimizing Guest Comfort in a Rural Setting

Ensuring an enjoyable experience for your guests is at the top of our list. In a rural setting like ours, comfort translates into providing easy access to all necessary amenities. Adequate signage leads the way, parking is plentiful, and we’ve got modern, clean restrooms that handle a crowd. We’ve thought of those little extras too—like cozy gathering spots for when the evening chill sets in, and sheltered areas for those unexpected weather moments. Accessibility is key; therefore, our venue ensures that everyone can navigate the grounds with ease. This is a day for making memories, after all, and we want every one of your guests to remember it for all the right reasons!

falls creek farm wedding venue in connecticut

Connecting With Quality Local Vendors

We have connections with some of the finest vendors in Connecticut who share our commitment to excellence. From florists who channel the elegance of the countryside into their designs to chefs who transform local ingredients into mouthwatering cuisine—our recommended vendors understand the rustic ethos. They are familiar with our venue too, which means seamless coordination and execution on your big day. With our guidance, you’ll have access to a network of professionals who can turn your vision into reality, while also supporting the local economy. It’s a win-win, with the end result being a wedding day that’s as smooth as it is stunning.

Falls Creek Farm

FAQs: Finding Your Perfect Barn Wedding Venue in Connecticut

What should I look for in a barn wedding venue?

Choosing a barn wedding venue involves considering several key factors to ensure it aligns with your vision and practical needs, including various wedding setup options. Here are some important aspects to look for:

  • Rustic Charm: Evaluate the barn’s aesthetic appeal, including its architecture, interior design, and overall ambiance. Ensure it matches your desired rustic or country wedding theme.
  • Versatility: Check if the venue offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as different areas for ceremonies, receptions, and cocktail hours.
  • Capacity: Confirm the venue can comfortably accommodate your expected guest count.
  • Facilities: Assess amenities such as restrooms, bridal suites, catering areas, and parking facilities. Ensure they meet your needs and the comfort of your guests.
  • Landscape: Consider the surroundings and backdrop offered by the venue for photos and overall ambiance. Look for picturesque views, gardens, or natural elements that enhance the setting.
  • Location: Evaluate the venue’s proximity to major roads, airports, and accommodations for out-of-town guests.
  • Accessibility: Check if the venue is wheelchair accessible and consider the convenience for all guests, including elderly relatives or those with mobility issues.
  • Vendor Policies: Inquire about preferred or exclusive vendors, as well as any restrictions on catering, entertainment, or decor. Some venues may have partnerships with certain vendors or require specific services.
  • Weather Plans: Ask about contingency plans for inclement weather if you plan to have an outdoor ceremony or reception. Some venues offer indoor alternatives or tents for flexibility.
  • Permits and Regulations: Ensure the venue complies with local regulations for hosting events, including permits for alcohol service, music, and fire safety.
  • Budget: Understand the venue’s pricing structure, what’s included in packages, and any additional fees for extras or extended hours.
  • Flexibility: Discuss options for customization or personal touches to tailor the venue to your preferences.
  • Feedback: Research reviews and testimonials from previous couples to gauge their experiences with the venue, including customer service, responsiveness, and overall satisfaction.

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How do I ensure my guests are comfortable at my farm wedding?

Ensuring your guests are comfortable at a farm wedding involves thoughtful planning and consideration of their needs throughout the event, not just during the ceremony but also at the reception barn. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

Before the Wedding

  • Clearly communicate the venue type, dress code suggestions, and any special considerations (e.g., outdoor elements) on your wedding invitations or website.
  • Provide information about nearby accommodations, including hotels and transportation options for out-of-town guests.
  • Monitor weather forecasts closely and inform guests of any potential weather-related contingencies or attire recommendations.

During the Wedding

  • Ensure clear signage directs guests to the ceremony, reception areas, restrooms, and any other important locations within the venue.
  • Provide ample and comfortable seating throughout the ceremony and reception areas, both indoors and outdoors.
  • If part of your event is outdoors, consider providing shaded areas or tents to protect guests from sun or inclement weather.
  • Ensure there are sufficient and well-maintained restroom facilities, including considering the use of luxury bathroom trailers for added comfort.
  • Depending on the season, consider providing space heaters or fans to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the barn.
  • Address potential issues with bugs by using citronella candles, bug sprays, or other effective measures to keep pests at bay.
  • Keep guests hydrated with water stations or beverage options available throughout the event.
  • Offer amenities like sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and blankets (if needed) to ensure guests are comfortable throughout the day.
  • Provide entertainment options such as lawn games or a photo booth to keep guests engaged and entertained during downtime.
  • Ensure your catering service can accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences among your guests.

After the Wedding

  • Express gratitude to your guests for attending and consider sending follow-up communications or thank-you notes after the wedding.

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Are there any other rustic wedding venues in CT?

Yes wedding venues like Wesleyan Hills, Mill Farm, Mount Pleasant, Wrights Mill Farm, White Barn, Winvian Farm, Evergreen Farms, Lion Rock Farm, Tyrone Farm, and Allen Hill Farm are in CT.

Falls Creek Farm

How should I plan a rustic wedding?

Planning a rustic wedding involves embracing natural charm, simplicity, and a touch of vintage or country-inspired elements. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan your rustic wedding:

1. Define Your Vision

  • Theme: Decide on the specific rustic style you prefer, such as barn, farm, woodland, or vineyard.
  • Color Palette: Choose earthy tones like browns, greens, creams, and soft pastels that complement the natural surroundings.

2. Choose the Venue

  • Rustic Location: Select a venue that fits your rustic theme, such as a barn, farm, or outdoor space with scenic views.
  • Visit the Venue: Schedule visits to potential venues to ensure they meet your needs for capacity, amenities, and ambiance.

3. Set a Budget

  • Prioritize Expenses: Allocate funds for essentials like venue rental, catering, decor, and photography/videography.
  • Consider DIY: Utilize DIY projects for decor and favors to add a personal touch and save on costs.

4. Plan Your Guest List

  • Number of Guests: Determine your guest count early to guide decisions on venue size, catering, and seating arrangements.
  • Send Save-the-Dates: Send save-the-dates well in advance, especially if many guests will be traveling.

5. Book Key Vendors

  • Catering: Choose a caterer that specializes in rustic or farm-to-table cuisine, reflecting your theme.
  • Photographer/Videographer: Hire professionals who understand how to capture the rustic charm of your venue and decor.

7. Plan the Ceremony

  • Officiant: Choose someone who aligns with your values and style for the ceremony.
  • Personalize Vows: Write or customize vows that reflect your relationship and journey together.

8. Arrange Transportation and Accommodation

  • Guest Transportation: Coordinate transportation options, especially if the venue is remote or lacks parking.
  • Accommodation: Provide information about nearby lodging options or onsite accommodations for out-of-town guests.

9. Prepare for Weather Contingencies

  • Backup Plan: If your wedding is outdoors, have a backup plan in case of inclement weather, such as renting a tent or indoor space.

10. Finalize Details

  • Timeline: Create a detailed timeline for the day, including setup, ceremony, reception, and cleanup.
  • Rehearsal: Schedule a rehearsal to ensure everyone knows their roles and timing for the ceremony.

11. Enjoy Your Day

  • Stay Present: On your wedding day, relax and enjoy each moment with your loved ones, embracing the rustic charm and natural beauty you’ve curated.

Falls Creek Farm

What are some nearby cities and attractions?

  • Canterbury
  • South Windsor
  • Salem
  • North Stonington
  • Farmington
  • Stamford
  • Old Wethersfield
  • Jewett City

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What is the weather like seasonally in CT?

Planning a rustic wedding in Connecticut involves considering weather conditions throughout the year. Here’s a table summarizing the best times based on temperature and precipitation:


Average Temperature (°F)














falls creek farm wedding venue in connecticut

Start Planning

Falls Creek Farm stands as a quintessential choice for couples seeking the perfect rustic wedding venue in Connecticut. With its expansive landscapes, charming barns, and versatile amenities, it offers a picturesque setting that effortlessly blends rustic allure with modern comfort. Whether exchanging vows in the serene Secret Garden, preparing in the luxurious Bridal Suite, or celebrating in the historic Stone Chapel, every detail at Falls Creek Farm promises to create cherished memories. Contact us today to start planning the wedding of your dreams!