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CSE is a full venue management company dedicated to partnering with property owners to provide beautiful event spaces for couples looking to host their special day for family and friends. Our processes is refined over years in the events industry and over a wide variety of properties so we have the knowledge and industry insight to help you have a truly unforgettable event. We can’t wait to speak with you and make your event dreams a reality.

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Jonathan Aymin

Jonathan Aymin

CEO & Founder

Jonathan’s journey started by launching a single San Diego wedding venue and then expanding to numerous venues while pioneering The Venue Rx Podcast/YouTube channel to inspire wedding professionals and founding WEVA, the first national Wedding & Event Venue Association. This professional association for venue owners and operators is the premier industry association providing networking, resources and education for the venue industry. Jonathan is the proud dad of 2 boys and 4 girls and loves riding motorcycles, starting new businesses, going on adventures, and trying new things!

Julianna Aymin

Julianna Aymin

COO & Founder

Julianna’s dedicated efforts have driven our company’s growth. She is at the core of our team, has worked in just about every position, she orchestrates tasks with efficiency and has consistently turned possibilities into realities. She also is a major driver behind the continued growth of the Venue Rx Podcast/Youtube Show..and does all of this while being the mother of 6 children! She is obsessed with the kids sports (hasn’t missed a game yet!), loves learning about health and clean eating/living.

Mackenzie Miller 2

Mackenzie Miller

Operations Manager

Mackenzie is the glue that keeps operations together and running smoothly across all of the venues we manage. Her wedding industry knowledge and operational prowess comes from a background in several event markets nationwide as well as experience setting up and organizing venues to run optimally.
She is a sushi aficionado, has traveled all over the world and lived in Hawaii, loves a good game of pickleball and has a wonderful fiancé and charismatic pup Mando.

Our Vision

To facilitate life’s most meaningful experiences.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional venue management services that exceed our clients’ expectations and create memorable events for guests.

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We Are a High Performing Team

We Put in the Reps

We Work Together

We Get It Done


We relentlessly pursue
our best

We elevate experiences

We exceed expectations




We are a trusted partner

Optimistic realism

Truth With Love



Mutual respect

Honor & Consideration

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