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Are you seeking dreamy Escondido wedding venues for your special day? Look no further than Common Sense Events; we specialize in creating unforgettable wedding experiences. With multiple venues in Southern California, our spaces offer a perfect blend of elegance, charm, and versatility to bring your wedding vision to life. All conveniently located under an hour by car from Escondido, our venues provide easy access for you and your guests. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Common Sense Events is dedicated to making your wedding day dreams a reality. In this blog, we’ll walk you through our venues, showcase our inclusions, and answer some FAQs.


Begin Your Love Story Near Escondido

Embark on the journey of a lifetime as we welcome you to an unforgettable wedding experience near Escondido. Here at Common Sense Events, your love story is about to bloom amidst the most enchanting settings.

We’ve created this map to help you plan your garden wedding in Southern California at River Garden, one of our Vista wedding venues. Check out local wineries, coastline landmarks, and our favorite restaurants.

river garden 5

river garden 5

Explore Common Sense Events

At Common Sense Events, we’re redefining elegance with venues that radiate uncommon beauty, ensuring your wedding day is surrounded by landscapes as stunning as your own love story. Walk down the aisle surrounded by bright landscapes with Camellias, English Roses, Coral Trees, and a tapestry of Ferns. In the open air, we create an atmosphere where every moment feels enchanted.



Venues For Special Events

river garden weddings in san diego

River Garden Venue

Immerse yourself in the natural splendor of our blank canvas wedding location, perfect for couples seeking an enchanting garden celebration or a destination wedding filled with charm. Adorned with lush greenery, blooming flowers, and the beauty of nature, it offers an idyllic backdrop for your special day.

Spanning 30,000 square feet, our secure estate boasts magnificent waterfalls and secluded gardens, creating a serene atmosphere for your unique event, including vineyard weddings. Equipped with cutting-edge audio and visual equipment, you can fully immerse yourself in the spiritual essence of your wedding, creating everlasting memories.

Venue Spaces

  1. Secret Gardens: Delight in the enchanting allure of our Secret Gardens, a hidden sanctuary nestled within our venue. With winding pathways, verdant foliage, and vibrant blooms, these secluded gardens provide a picturesque setting for intimate ceremonies and serene strolls, offering captivating photo opportunities.
  2. Bridal Suite: Experience luxury and refinement in our exquisite Bridal Suite. Thoughtfully designed for the bride’s comfort, this spacious retreat offers a private haven for pre-wedding preparations and relaxation. Adorned with plush furnishings and elegant decor, it provides the perfect setting for pampering before the main event.
  3. The Conservatory: Step into a world of timeless elegance in our breathtaking Conservatory. Featuring soaring glass walls and lush greenery, this enchanting space seamlessly blends indoor comfort with outdoor beauty. Whether hosting a ceremony, reception, or dinner party, the Conservatory offers a stunning backdrop that will leave a lasting impression.
  4. Honey Quartz Wall: Discover the captivating allure of our Honey Quartz Wall, a striking feature that adds warmth and sophistication to any event. Crafted from natural quartz stone, this exquisite wall serves as a stunning focal point for ceremonies, receptions, and photo backdrops, exuding an air of opulence and romance.

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  • 200 Fruitwood Folding Chairs (micro-wedding packages include 50 chairs)
  • 200 Cross Back Chairs with Ivory Cushions
  • 20 8’x40” Farm Tables
  • 20 72” Round Tables
  • 6 36” Cocktail Tables
  • 6 Space Heaters (propane tanks available at $25 each)
  • 8 Umbrellas
  • 2 Mobile Bars

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Randhawa Ranch

Experience the unparalleled beauty of Randhawa Ranch, an expansive 97-acre agricultural estate and premier wedding venue nestled in the picturesque hills of Temecula, California. Surrounded by sweeping vistas of three distinct valleys—Santa Margarita, De Luz, and San Mateo—this hidden gem offers a serene and charming backdrop for events in Southern California. Adorned with 3,000 avocado trees, four vineyards, sprawling lawns, and a rustic barn, Randhawa Ranch is the epitome of rustic elegance, perfect for your next celebration.

Venue Spaces at Randhawa Ranch

  1. Reception Deck: Positioned atop Randhawa Ranch, the Reception Deck provides a breathtaking setting for your event. Offering panoramic views of the surrounding valleys, this open-air space is ideal for unforgettable gatherings, from intimate ceremonies to lively celebrations. Whether bathed in the warm glow of the sunset or under the twinkling stars, the Reception Deck offers versatility and charm for any occasion.
  2. Rustic Barn: Step back in time and experience the rustic charm of Randhawa Ranch’s historic barn. With its weathered wood beams and vintage atmosphere, this timeless venue is perfect for barn-style weddings, rustic-chic receptions, or intimate gatherings. The Rustic Barn exudes warmth and character, creating an inviting ambiance that guests will remember fondly.
  3. Ranch House: Escape to luxury at the Ranch House, a tranquil retreat nestled in Temecula’s wine country. Offering modern comforts and scenic views of the vineyards and valleys, this elegant space serves as a cozy haven for couples, families, and bridal parties. With its spacious interiors and serene surroundings, the Ranch House provides a peaceful setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  4. Lower Lawn: Set amidst the natural beauty of Randhawa Ranch, the Lower Lawn offers a serene backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Surrounded by lush greenery and shaded by mature trees, this expansive lawn provides ample space for guests to mingle and celebrate amidst the rolling hills and vineyards. Whether exchanging vows or raising a toast, the Lower Lawn sets the stage for unforgettable moments in nature.
220 Nancy 6501988

220 Nancy 6501988


  • Wedding Retreat Experience: Enjoy a 4-day, 3-night getaway at Randhawa Ranch.
  • Accommodations for up to 14 guests at the Venue Alfresco.
  • Alfresco ceremony and reception areas with rehearsal assistance and complete setup and teardown.
  • Provision of 200 White Folding Chairs and 25 8ft Tables.
  • Amenities include an ice machine and a cooling unit.
  • Dedicated Event Concierge support, including a Venue Coordinator, Infrastructure Crew, and Safety Staff.
  • Onsite Trash Disposal for added convenience.
  • Picturesque Ceremony Lawn and Upper Courtyard are available for outdoor functions.
  • Reception Space featuring a Sunset Deck with panoramic views.
  • Atmospheric Market Lighting to enhance the ambiance.
  • Quaint Rustic Barn for added charm.
  • Onsite guest parking.
  • Access to a curated Vendor List for streamlined planning.

Michaela & Cameron's Wedding | san diego wedding venues

Milagro Winery

Nestled in the heart of Ramona, California, Milagro is a breathtaking wedding and reception venue boasting indoor and outdoor spaces designed to elevate your special day. From the picturesque Ceremony Lawn to the elegant Reception Patio, every corner of Milagro exudes charm and sophistication, setting the perfect stage for your dream wedding celebration.

Venue Spaces at Milagro

  1. Secret Sunset: Lose yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Milagro’s Secret Sunset space. Hidden amidst lush greenery and scenic vistas, this intimate setting offers a secluded oasis for your event. Whether exchanging vows as the sun dips below the horizon or hosting an intimate gathering under the starry sky, Secret Sunset promises unforgettable moments filled with romance and allure.
  2. Wine Cave: Delve into luxury at Milagro’s Wine Cave, a rustic yet refined space carved into the earth. With its warm ambiance and rustic charm, the Wine Cave is ideal for intimate ceremonies, wine tastings, and private dinners. Let the soft glow of candlelight and the rich aroma of aged wine transport you to a world of timeless romance and indulgence.
  3. Crush House: Experience the rustic elegance of Milagro’s Crush House, nestled among rolling vineyards and picturesque landscapes. Whether hosting a lavish reception, corporate event, or intimate gathering, the Crush House offers a welcoming atmosphere for celebrations of all kinds. With its spacious interiors, cozy fireplace, and sweeping views, it’s the perfect setting for creating cherished memories.
  4. The Lake: Find serenity and natural beauty at Milagro’s stunning Lake. Surrounded by tranquil waters and towering trees, this picturesque setting provides a peaceful escape for your special moments. Whether planning a lakeside ceremony, scenic photo shoot, or leisurely picnic, The Lake offers a magical backdrop for your event.

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  • 10-hour Venue Rental
  • Stunning Wine Cave for unforgettable photo opportunities
  • Access to the Bridal Day Cabin
  • Round Tables & Chairs accommodating up to 200 guests
  • Convenient on-site parking facilities
  • Unified home sound setup for a seamless audio experience
  • Charming market lighting to enhance the ambiance
  • Dedicated caterers prep area for culinary preparations
  • Decorative wine barrels add a rustic touch
  • On-site bar service for refreshing beverages throughout the event


Launch Pointe

Nestled in South Riverside County, adjacent to Temecula Wine Country, and embraced by the stunning Lake Elsinore waterfront, Launch Pointe stands as a unique boho chic wedding and event venue, promising an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Offering a variety of on-site camping, glamping, and outdoor activities, coupled with boat rental options, your time here will be filled with cherished memories both before and after your special event.

Venue Spaces

Community Hall: Step into our versatile Community Hall, a spacious venue suitable for a multitude of events. Whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate conference, or community gathering, this well-appointed space offers flexibility and room for creative arrangements. With modern amenities and a customizable layout, the Community Hall presents endless opportunities for crafting memorable experiences.

Lawns: Explore our verdant lawns and expansive green spaces, providing an enchanting backdrop for outdoor events. Whether you’re exchanging vows in a romantic garden ceremony or hosting a lively cocktail reception beneath the open sky, our meticulously manicured lawns offer a tranquil and picturesque setting. With ample space to accommodate your guests and breathtaking views all around, the lawns set the stage for a truly magical affair.

Mezzanine: Elevate your event with our elegant Mezzanine, a refined space that seamlessly blends sophistication with practicality. Overlooking the main event area, the Mezzanine offers panoramic views of the festivities below, making it perfect for VIP seating, cocktail receptions, or intimate gatherings. With its chic design and modern amenities, the Mezzanine provides a luxurious backdrop for your event, ensuring a stylish and comfortable setting.

Beaches: Retreat to our scenic beaches, where sun, sand, and surf converge to create a picturesque setting for your event. Whether it’s a beachfront wedding, a sunset cocktail party, or a team-building retreat, our pristine beaches offer a serene and idyllic backdrop. With soft sands, glistening waters, and stunning coastal views, our beaches provide the perfect ambiance to relax, unwind, and celebrate in true coastal style.



  • 45,000 square feet of versatile space and designated event areas across the resort
  • Event Hall accommodates up to 150 guests indoors and 400 outdoors
  • Various overnight accommodation options including RV hookups, glamping, and traditional camping
  • Yurts and vintage trailers available for rental
  • Abundance of recreational activities at scenic Lake Elsinore, CA
  • Provision of Round Tables & Chairs
  • On-site refrigerator & Prep Kitchen facilities
  • Access to Ice Machine for convenience
  • Heat Lamps & Patio Furniture provided
  • Built-In Audio System & Screen Display for event needs
  • On-site parking & Shuttle services are available
  • ADA Accessible facilities
  • Overnight Accommodations & Weekend Packages offered

Cari & Trevor Wedding

Cari & Trevor Wedding

Essential Wedding Resources

Connect With Top Vendors Near Escondido

We have curated a list of experts from florists to photographers, all renowned for their quality and service. Our dedicated team ensures you connect with vendors that not only match your style and taste but also cherish your vision as much as we do.

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milagro winery weddings

Simplify Your Planning With Expert Assistance

Let the road to “I do” be smooth and enjoyable with our expert planning assistance, including finding the perfect officiant for your wedding. We’re here every step of the way, offering guidance, tips, and support. From daily planning assistance to coordinating the rehearsal and ceremony, we make sure that your wedding journey is a seamless, stress-free experience. Pop some champagne and enjoy the process!

2 launch pointe weddings on lake elsinore

launch pointe weddings on lake elsinore

Customizable Packages to Suit Your Needs

We provide an array of all-inclusive, customizable packages to ensure your wedding reflects your personal touch. No matter the size or scope, our offerings are designed to cater to your every desire. Whether you’re seeking the charm of a classic package or the extravagance of something more elite, we have plenty of options.

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launch pointe lake elsinore california

FAQs – Your Questions, Answered

What is the weather like seasonally in Southern California?


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launch pointe lake elsinore california

How can I schedule a tour of the venues?

Scheduling a tour of our venues is a key step in the wedding planning process that is stress-free. Simply reach out to us by clicking the button below and filling out our website form. We’ll reach out from there to arrange a visit. Our team will coordinate with you to find the perfect time to discover the venue that will play host to the beginning of your forever.

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What are some key factors to consider when choosing a wedding venue?

When choosing a venue for an event or celebration, several key factors should be considered to ensure that it meets your needs and consent preferences. Some of the most important factors to consider include:

  1. Location: The venue’s location is crucial, as it should be easily accessible for your guests. Consider factors such as proximity to transportation hubs, parking availability, and convenience for attendees.
  2. Capacity: Ensure that the venue has adequate capacity to accommodate your expected number of guests comfortably. It’s essential to consider both indoor and outdoor space options, especially if you’re planning an event with multiple activities or a large guest list.
  3. Amenities and Facilities: Assess the amenities and facilities offered by the venue, such as catering services, audiovisual equipment, furniture, and restrooms. Choose a venue that provides the necessary infrastructure to support your event requirements.
  4. Ambiance and Style: Consider the ambiance and style of the venue to ensure that it aligns with the theme and atmosphere you envision for your event. Whether you prefer a modern, rustic, or elegant setting, choose a venue that reflects your aesthetic preferences.
  5. Budget: Establish a budget for your event and select a venue that fits within your financial constraints. Be sure to consider additional costs such as rental fees, catering expenses, and any additional services or amenities you may require.
  6. Flexibility: Look for a venue that offers flexibility in terms of event setup, timing, and customization options. Having the freedom to personalize the space according to your preferences can enhance the overall experience for you and your guests.
  7. Reputation and Reviews: Research the venue’s reputation and read reviews from past clients to gain insights into their experiences. A venue with positive reviews and a good reputation for quality service and reliability is more likely to meet your expectations.
  8. Accessibility: Consider the accessibility of the venue for all guests, including those with mobility issues or special needs. Ensure that the venue is ADA-compliant and offers accommodations such as ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms.

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Are there customizable options for smaller weddings?

Absolutely, smaller weddings receive the same attention to detail and customizable options as larger events. We believe every celebration, regardless of size, should reflect the couple’s individuality. From intimate venues to personalized menus, your small wedding will be crafted with all the romance and charm you envision.

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Are there any other Escondido wedding venues?

Yes, venues like Canopy Grove, Twin Oaks Garden, Cordiano Winery, and Chateau Escondido are options nearby.

What are some nearby places and attractions to visit?

Some towns nearby include San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe, San Pasqual Valley, Downtown Escondido, and North San Diego County.

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milagro wedding venue in san diego

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