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Are you looking for perfect Murrieta wedding venues with a blend of elegance and charm? Look no further than Common Sense Events, where we showcase the finest wedding venues in SoCal near Murrieta. Whether you envision a romantic garden ceremony, a grand ballroom reception, or a rustic vineyard celebration, our curated selection of venues caters to every style and preference. Join us as we explore the diverse and enchanting wedding venues near Murrieta, ensuring your special day is nothing short of magical.

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Plan Your SoCal Wedding

If you’re dreaming of a wedding that merges rustic allure with understated elegance, set your sights on one of Southern California’s hidden gems. These cities offer a captivating blend of picturesque landscapes and quaint suburban charm. Imagine exchanging vows against a backdrop of rolling hills, with golden sunsets painting the sky, or celebrating your love in a chic, modern banquet hall.

Our luxury private estate wedding venue Randhawa Ranch is located in Temecula, CA just 10 miles from Murrieta. We created this helpful map so you can make the most of your wedding day (or weekend!) on the West Coast.

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Popular Styles and Themes For Murrieta Nuptials

Murrieta weddings have something magically eclectic about them. They range from rustic barnyard celebrations that embrace the region’s pastoral ambiance to lavish garden parties under the star-studded sky. If a beach-themed celebration makes your heart flutter, picture yourself against Murrieta’s sunny backdrop, saying “I do” with sandy toes and a gentle breeze. Or, you might be drawn to a fairy-tale winery wedding, with vineyard views that turn your special day into an elegant, grape-infused escape. From intimate elopements on secluded properties to grand, ballroom galas, SoCal’s variety will cater perfectly to your dream theme.


Welcome to Common Sense Events

We at Common Sense Events are excited to be part of your wedding journey. Our mission is to make each moment as carefree and joyful as it deserves to be. With our personalized services and inclusive offerings, we’ve created a hub of venues where wedding dreams come alive. Our seasoned event coordinators work hand in glove with you, bringing years of expertise, creativity, and, of course, common sense to the planning and execution of your big day. From the warm reception of our staff to the whimsical twinkle lights adorning our venues, every detail at Common Sense Events is designed to conjure an enchanting experience for you and your guests.

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Our Venue Spaces

Our venue spaces are carefully crafted to offer an unforgettable setting with breathtaking venue views for every kind of wedding. Whether you’re envisioning an intimate outdoor garden accommodating up to 300 guests, or a beautiful indoor gallery that’s perfect for a smaller, more personal ceremony of up to 85 people, we have it all.

river garden weddings in san diego

River Garden Venue

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of our versatile wedding location, ideal for couples desiring an enchanting garden celebration or a charming destination wedding. With lush greenery, blooming flowers, and serene natural surroundings, it provides a picturesque setting for your special day. Spanning 30,000 square feet, our secure estate features magnificent waterfalls and secluded gardens, creating a tranquil atmosphere perfect for unique events, including vineyard weddings. Our venue is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the spiritual essence of your wedding, creating everlasting memories.

Venue Spaces

  • Secret Gardens: Discover the hidden charm of our Secret Gardens, a secluded sanctuary within our venue. With winding pathways, lush foliage, and vibrant blooms, these gardens offer an idyllic setting for intimate ceremonies and serene strolls, providing stunning photo opportunities.
  • Bridal Suite: Experience luxury and refinement in our exquisite Bridal Suite. Designed for the bride’s comfort, this spacious retreat offers a private haven for pre-wedding preparations and relaxation, featuring plush furnishings and elegant decor.
  • The Conservatory: Step into a world of timeless elegance in our breathtaking Conservatory. With soaring glass walls and lush greenery, this space blends indoor comfort with outdoor beauty, perfect for ceremonies, receptions, or dinner parties.
  • Honey Quartz Wall: Discover the captivating allure of our Honey Quartz Wall, a striking feature that adds warmth and sophistication to any event. Crafted from natural quartz stone, it serves as a stunning focal point for ceremonies, receptions, and photo backdrops.

river garden weddings in san diego


  • 200 Fruitwood Folding Chairs (micro-wedding packages include 50 chairs)
  • 200 Cross Back Chairs with Ivory Cushions
  • 20 8’x40” Farm Tables
  • 20 72” Round Tables
  • 6 36” Cocktail Tables
  • 6 Space Heaters (propane tanks available at $25 each)
  • 8 Umbrellas
  • 2 Mobile Bars

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Randhawa Ranch

Experience the unparalleled beauty of Randhawa Ranch, a 97-acre agricultural estate and premier wedding venue nestled in the picturesque hills of Temecula, California. Surrounded by sweeping vistas of the Santa Margarita, De Luz, and San Mateo valleys, this hidden gem offers a serene and charming backdrop for events in Southern California. Adorned with 3,000 avocado trees, four vineyards, sprawling lawns, and a rustic barn, Randhawa Ranch embodies rustic elegance, perfect for your next celebration.

Venue Spaces at Randhawa Ranch

  • Reception Deck: Positioned atop Randhawa Ranch, the Reception Deck offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding valleys. This open-air space is ideal for intimate ceremonies and lively celebrations, whether under the warm glow of sunset or twinkling stars.
  • Rustic Barn: Step back in time with the rustic charm of Randhawa Ranch’s historic barn. With weathered wood beams and a vintage atmosphere, this venue is perfect for barn-style weddings, rustic-chic receptions, or intimate gatherings.
  • Ranch House: Enjoy modern comforts and scenic views at the Ranch House, a tranquil retreat nestled in Temecula’s wine country. This elegant space offers spacious interiors and serene surroundings for couples, families, and bridal parties.
  • Lower Lawn: Set amidst the natural beauty of Randhawa Ranch, the Lower Lawn provides a serene backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Surrounded by lush greenery and shaded by mature trees, this expansive lawn offers ample space for guests to mingle and celebrate.

randhawa ranch


  • Wedding Retreat Experience: Enjoy a 4-day, 3-night getaway at Randhawa Ranch.
  • Accommodations for up to 14 guests at the Venue Alfresco.
  • Alfresco ceremony and reception areas with rehearsal assistance and complete setup and teardown.
  • Provision of 200 White Folding Chairs and 25 8ft Tables.
  • Amenities include an ice machine and a cooling unit.
  • Dedicated Event Concierge support, including a Venue Coordinator, Infrastructure Crew, and Safety Staff.
  • Onsite Trash Disposal for added convenience.
  • Picturesque Ceremony Lawn and Upper Courtyard are available for outdoor functions.
  • Reception Space featuring a Sunset Deck with panoramic views.
  • Atmospheric Market Lighting to enhance the ambiance.
  • Quaint Rustic Barn for added charm.
  • Onsite guest parking.
  • Access to a curated Vendor List for streamlined planning.

milagro weddings san diego winery venue

Milagro Winery

Nestled in the heart of Ramona, California, Milagro is a breathtaking wedding and reception venue featuring indoor and outdoor spaces designed to elevate your special day. From the picturesque Ceremony Lawn to the elegant Reception Patio, every corner of Milagro exudes charm and sophistication, setting the perfect stage for your dream wedding celebration.

Venue Spaces at Milagro

  • Secret Sunset: Lose yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Milagro’s Secret Sunset space. Hidden amidst lush greenery and scenic vistas, this intimate setting offers a secluded oasis for your event, whether exchanging vows as the sun sets or hosting an intimate gathering under the stars.
  • Wine Cave: Delve into luxury at Milagro’s Wine Cave, a rustic yet refined space carved into the earth. Ideal for intimate ceremonies, wine tastings, and private dinners, the Wine Cave’s warm ambiance and rustic charm create a timeless romantic atmosphere.
  • Crush House: Experience the rustic elegance of Milagro’s Crush House, nestled among rolling vineyards and picturesque landscapes. With its spacious interiors, cozy fireplace, and sweeping views, the Crush House offers a welcoming atmosphere for receptions, corporate events, or intimate gatherings.
  • The Lake: Find serenity and natural beauty at Milagro’s stunning Lake. Surrounded by tranquil waters and towering trees, this picturesque setting provides a peaceful escape for lakeside ceremonies, scenic photo shoots, or leisurely picnics.

4 milagro winery weddings


  • 10-hour Venue Rental
  • Stunning Wine Cave for unforgettable photo opportunities
  • Access to the Bridal Day Cabin
  • Round Tables & Chairs accommodating up to 200 guests
  • Convenient on-site parking facilities
  • Unified home sound setup for a seamless audio experience
  • Charming market lighting to enhance the ambiance
  • Dedicated caterers prep area for culinary preparations
  • Decorative wine barrels add a rustic touch
  • On-site bar service for refreshing beverages throughout the event

21 launch pointe lake elsinore california

Launch Pointe

Nestled in South Riverside County, adjacent to Temecula Wine Country, and embraced by the stunning Lake Elsinore waterfront, Launch Pointe stands as a unique boho chic wedding and event venue. It promises an unforgettable experience for you and your guests, offering a variety of on-site camping, glamping, and outdoor activities, along with boat rental options, ensuring cherished memories before and after your special event.

Venue Spaces

  • Community Hall: This versatile venue is suitable for weddings, corporate conferences, or community gatherings. With modern amenities and a customizable layout, the Community Hall offers endless opportunities for crafting memorable experiences.
  • Lawns: Our verdant lawns provide an enchanting backdrop for outdoor events. Whether it’s a romantic garden ceremony or a lively cocktail reception, these meticulously manicured lawns offer a tranquil and picturesque setting.
  • Mezzanine: Overlooking the main event area, the Mezzanine offers panoramic views, making it perfect for VIP seating, cocktail receptions, or intimate gatherings. Its chic design and modern amenities provide a luxurious backdrop for your event.
  • Beaches: Our scenic beaches offer a picturesque setting for beachfront weddings, sunset cocktail parties, or team-building retreats. With soft sands, glistening waters, and stunning coastal views, our beaches provide the perfect ambiance for a true coastal celebration.

2 launch pointe weddings on lake elsinore


  • 45,000 square feet of versatile space and designated event areas across the resort
  • Event Hall accommodates up to 150 guests indoors and 400 outdoors
  • Various overnight accommodation options including RV hookups, glamping, and traditional camping
  • Yurts and vintage trailers available for rental
  • Abundance of recreational activities at scenic Lake Elsinore, CA
  • Provision of Round Tables & Chairs
  • On-site refrigerator & Prep Kitchen facilities
  • Access to Ice Machine for convenience
  • Heat Lamps & Patio Furniture provided
  • Built-In Audio System & Screen Display for event needs
  • On-site parking & Shuttle services available
  • ADA Accessible facilities
  • Overnight Accommodations & Weekend Packages offered

river garden weddings in san diego

Cost and Convenience: What to Expect

river garden weddings in san diego

Average Venue Costs in SoCal

When we speak of love, we often say it’s priceless, but the practicalities of a wedding require a solid budget. Couples have a wealth of options, from intimate spaces to grand locations, with pricing that suits various financial plans. Common Sense Events is committed to helping you find the perfect venue that fits your budget. Whether you prefer a raw space to personalize your way or an all-inclusive package for a stress-free experience, our transparency and comprehensive counseling ensure that no hidden costs will catch you off guard. With our expertise, you can focus on celebrating your love while we handle the details, ensuring your wedding day is both beautiful and affordable.

1 launch pointe weddings on lake elsinore

Accessibility and Amenities

We get it; the devil is in the details. That’s why we’ve packed our venues with amenities to ensure every moment of your day flows smoothly. Our spaces are fully equipped with reliable air conditioning and heating systems, so no matter what the weather brings, comfort is guaranteed. Dining sets and large tables are available for a grand banquet or intimate reception, plus all areas have excellent wifi, ensuring every loved moment can be shared instantly. Modern conveniences, like wheelchair-accessible restrooms and private entrances, add comfort for all guests, and parking is a breeze with ample on-site space. Moreover, state-of-the-art sound systems and photography lighting ensure your event looks and sounds spectacular, while breakout rooms offer privacy and space for preparations or quiet moments. Stress less about logistics and focus more on making beautiful memories with us.

31 launch pointe lake elsinore california

Time to Plan: Availability and Booking Tips

11 launch pointe lake elsinore california

Lavish Locales That Leave an Impression

And for those with a penchant for the extraordinary, you’ll adore our selection of lavish locales. Envision a grand Tuscan-inspired villa where luxury meets legacy, leaving an impression as timeless as the commitment you’re about to make. Or perhaps a sprawling estate atop a hill that offers a panoramic view, where every delightful detail from the water fountains to the elaborate chandeliers exudes sophistication. These venues aren’t just about opulence; they encapsulate an atmosphere of splendor, making everyone in attendance feel part of something truly special.

7 milagro wedding venue in san diego

SoCal Weather Conditions


Temperature (°F)

Precipitation (inches)


50°F – 75°F

1 – 2 inches


65°F – 95°F

0 – 1 inch


55°F – 80°F

0.5 – 1.5 inches


40°F – 65°F

2 – 3 inches

Meet Our Team


Reviewed by Laura S

So glad we used Common Sense Events for additional staffing for our wedding! They were recommended by our coordinator, since we did so much ourselves, it was nice that there were additional people on hand to assist our coordinator in handling all the various odds and ends that came up during our wedding. They were professional, prompt, hard-working, and were constantly watching to see what needed to be done, if it was filling drink dispensers, clearing tables, serving desserts, and keeping everything looking nice and tidy. Would 100% recommend, and would book them again in a heartbeat.

Reviewed by Amber G

Common Sense Events was absolute perfection for my wedding day. Everything flowed seamlessly because of CSE and I cannot even imagine what the day would have been like without them. Every guest raved about how great the staff was and continuously asked me for their contact info for their own events. Every problem that came up they tackled immediately without me (the bride) even knowing. The staff was on time, very professional and personable. I was also extremely impressed by how quickly their responses were. I cannot say enough wonderful things about CSE, except I highly recommend you hire them.

3 milagro wedding venue in san diego

FAQs: Essential Queries For Couples

What should I look for when choosing between Murrieta wedding venues?

Selecting the perfect venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your wedding. Here are key factors to consider when choosing your dream venue:

  • Proximity: Choose a venue that is convenient for most of your guests to reach, considering travel time and accessibility.
  • Transportation: Check if there are sufficient parking spaces or if the venue provides transportation services for guests.
  • Guest Count: Ensure the venue can comfortably accommodate your guest list. Check both the seating capacity and the space for dancing, dining, and other activities.
  • Layout: Evaluate the layout to see if it suits your wedding style and plan. Consider spaces for the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and any other activities you have planned.
  • Aesthetic: The venue should match your wedding theme and style, whether it’s rustic, elegant, modern, or vintage.
  • Décor: Consider the existing décor and whether it aligns with your vision or requires significant alterations.
  • Inclusions: Check what is included in the venue rental, such as tables, chairs, linens, and lighting.
  • On-Site Services: Some venues offer additional services like catering, bar service, and event planning. Determine what is available and if it meets your needs.
  • Pricing: Ensure the venue fits within your budget, taking into account the base rental fee and any additional costs.
  • Packages: Look for package deals that might include multiple services, which can save money and simplify planning.
  • Climate: Murrieta’s climate can vary, so consider the time of year and potential weather conditions. Ensure the venue has suitable indoor and outdoor options.
  • Backup Plan: Verify that there is a contingency plan in case of unexpected weather changes, especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding.
  • Vendor Policies: Some venues have preferred vendor lists or restrictions on outside vendors. Confirm these details if you have specific vendors in mind.
  • Timing: Check the venue’s policies on timing, including setup and breakdown times, and if there are any noise restrictions or curfews.
  • Site Visit: Always try to visit the venue in person to get a feel for the space and to see if it matches your expectations.
  • Reviews: Read reviews from other couples to learn about their experiences and any potential issues they encountered.
  • Comfort: Ensure the venue has adequate facilities for guest comfort, such as restrooms, climate control, and seating.
  • Accessibility: Consider the accessibility needs of all guests, including those with disabilities, and whether the venue can accommodate them.
  • Personalization: Some venues offer more flexibility in terms of decorations and setup. Ensure the venue allows you to personalize the space to fit your vision.
  • Flexibility: Check how accommodating the venue is with changes in plans or special requests.

river garden 5

Can your venues cater to special wedding themes or requests?

Absolutely, our teams are well-versed in customizing events to fit special themes or requests. With a variety of settings, from rustic farms to elegant wineries, our venues can adapt to your desires, be it a vintage garden party or a modern glam affair. It’s always best to discuss your vision in detail with the venue coordinator, as they’re keen to assist and often have creative solutions to bring your unique theme to life. When it comes to special dietary needs, cultural rituals, or personalized decor – we are equipped to handle it all!

river garden weddings in san diego

When should I hire a wedding planner?

Here are some key moments when bringing in a professional wedding planner is especially beneficial:

1. When You’re Short on Time

  • Busy Schedules: If you and your partner have demanding jobs or other commitments, a planner can handle the time-consuming tasks of wedding planning.
  • Last-Minute Planning: If your wedding date is quickly approaching, a planner can swiftly coordinate all the necessary details, saving you from last-minute stress.

2. For Destination Weddings

  • Local Expertise: Planners familiar with your destination can manage local vendors, legal requirements, and logistics, ensuring everything runs smoothly from afar.
  • Travel Coordination: They can assist with travel arrangements for you and your guests, making the entire process more seamless.

3. When You Want a Unique or Complex Event

  • Creative Vision: If you have a unique theme or complex event setup in mind, a planner can bring your vision to life with their creative expertise and resources.
  • Vendor Coordination: They can manage multiple vendors, ensuring that everyone works together harmoniously to execute your intricate plans.

4. To Reduce Stress and Enjoy the Process

  • Peace of Mind: A planner handles the logistics, problem-solving, and coordination, allowing you to enjoy the planning process without getting overwhelmed by details.
  • Day-of Coordination: Even if you prefer to handle most planning yourself, hiring a planner for day-of coordination ensures that everything goes off without a hitch, letting you fully immerse yourself in your special day.

5. When You’re Planning a Wedding on a Tight Budget

  • Cost Savings: Planners can often save you money by negotiating with vendors and avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Resource Allocation: They ensure your budget is allocated efficiently, prioritizing the elements that matter most to you.

6. If You Want a Seamless Experience For Your Guests

  • Guest Management: Planners can assist with guest lists, seating arrangements, accommodations, and transportation, enhancing the overall guest experience.
  • Troubleshooting: They handle any issues that arise, from minor hiccups to unexpected emergencies, keeping your guests comfortable and happy.

30 launch pointe lake elsinore california

Are there any other Murrieta wedding venues nearby?

Yes, wedding venues like Hawk Ranch, Monteleone Meadows, Chateau Adare, Galway Downs, Monte De Oro, Wilson Creek, Pala Mesa Resort, Mount Palomar Winery, and Peltzer Winery are in or near Murrieta.

5 milagro wedding venue in san diego

Contact Us

Common Sense Events offers an array of stunning wedding venues that can cater to any style, budget, and vision. From rustic barns and elegant estates to scenic outdoor spaces and modern facilities, you’ll find the perfect setting to celebrate your special day. The charm of venues near Murrieta, coupled with the natural beauty of the region, ensures an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Now that you have an idea of what to look for, it’s time to take the next step. Start your journey to finding the ideal wedding venue by visiting these locations, meeting with their coordinators, and visualizing your dream wedding in each space. Don’t wait to secure your date and begin planning the wedding of your dreams. Contact us today to schedule a tour of Murrieta’s premier wedding venues. Let us help you find the perfect backdrop for your big day and turn your wedding vision into reality. Your dream wedding awaits in the beautiful settings of Murrieta—reach out now to get started!