white crest farm outdoor georgia wedding venue

Are you dreaming of enchanting outdoor wedding venues in Georgia? Luckily, you’ve found Common Sense Events, where top outdoor wedding venues set the stage for unforgettable celebrations and the natural beauty of this charming southern state.

white crest farm outdoor georgia wedding venue

The Allure of Outdoor Wedding Venues in Georgia

We proudly collaborate with two exquisite wedding venues in Georgia: Pleasant Union Farm and White Crest Farm. These venues epitomize elegance and rustic charm, providing the perfect setting for your special day.

Picture this: exchanging your vows surrounded by Georgia’s breathtaking scenery, a choir of birds harmonizing your procession. Whether it’s the tranquil lakes, rolling hills, or lush vineyards, these natural venues serve as a picturesque canvas for your wedding day. Imagine the serenity and beauty of nature enhancing every moment of your special day, creating a backdrop that is as timeless as your love. Let Georgia’s captivating landscapes be the enchanting setting for the beginning of your happily ever after.

white crest farm outdoor georgia wedding venue

Common Sense Events: Venues For Every Style

Our curated selection of breathtaking venues extends across the USA, including California, Texas, and Oklahoma. Whether you envision a romantic celebration in the heart of Georgia, a coastal lakeside wedding venue in California, a rustic chic event in Texas, or a micro wedding in Oklahoma, we have the ideal backdrop for all your elegant occasions.

pleasant union farm weddings

Plan Your Wedding in Georgia

We’ve created this helpful map so you can plan your dream wedding day or weekend in Georgia. Explore the area near Pleasant Union Farm and start planning!

beautiful reception set up at pleasant union farm

Pleasant Union Farm

Discover the enchantment of our expansive 14-acre farmland in North Georgia. Pleasant Union Farm offers diverse event spaces, from a rustic barn to inviting pastures and outdoor settings. Encounter the delightful presence of our farm animals and witness vibrant displays featuring fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables, perfect for photo ops.

Irresistible Highlights

  • Enjoy access to our versatile Indoor/Outdoor Venue featuring a large sliding barn and glass doors, seamlessly connecting with the gardens and allowing panoramic views.
  • Experience year-round comfort with central heating and air conditioning facilities.
  • Tailor your event with a customized setup, including banquet tables, chairs, and floor-length linens, accommodating up to 160 guests.
  • Choose from outdoor wedding ceremony options, surrounded by lush gardens or on our expansive covered porch.
  • Embrace the modern and airy bridal suite, accessible from 9 am onwards.
  • The groom’s room awaits with a TV for watching the game and providing a relaxing atmosphere pre-ceremony.
  • Benefit from our in-house décor collection, featuring table numbers, lanterns, easels, seating chart displays, and more, providing both convenience and cost savings.

pleasant union farm

What Makes Pleasant Union Farm Special?

  1. STUNNING INDOOR/OUTDOOR SETTING: At our Georgia barn wedding venue, discover various spaces for preparation, indoor receptions, outdoor ceremonies, and a spacious covered porch perfect for cocktail hours, dancing, and more.
  2. EXPERT EVENT MANAGEMENT & DEDICATED STAFF: Our seasoned wedding venue team collaborates closely with you, ensuring your wedding is a memorable and significant occasion. With our “Venue Only” Rental, you can choose from our recommended vendors for floral arrangements, cakes, rentals, and more, or opt for your own preferred vendors.
  3. FLEXIBLE EVENT SPACES: From many wedding ceremony locations to personalized table decor, we take pleasure in assisting couples in bringing their unique vision to life on our property.
  4. ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGES: Ease your worries and amplify your celebration with our all-inclusive packages. Let our dedicated team take care of almost everything, leaving you with only three tasks: enjoy the celebration and hire an officiant and a photographer. Your wedding day should be about creating memories, not managing details. Let us handle the intricacies so you can savor every moment of your special day!

pleasant union farm

A Culinary Experience

Prepare to indulge in farm-to-table delights at Pleasant Union Farms – where barn weddings meet culinary excellence!

Championing Local and Seasonal Tastes

Indulge in a celebration of local and seasonal ingredients at Pleasant Union Farms, where we wholeheartedly embrace the essence of farm-to-table dining. Our menu pays homage to local farmers and the ever-changing seasons, presenting a symphony of flavors in every dish, from vibrant salads to mouthwatering main courses. Experience the true essence of freshness and quality as we craft a culinary journey that highlights the richness of locally sourced ingredients.

A Tailored Culinary Expedition

Do you have a treasured family recipe? Share it with us, and watch as we transform it with a farm-fresh twist, preserving the essence of tradition while adding a touch of contemporary flair. Dietary restrictions? Our expertise lies in fashioning gratifying options for everyone seated at your table, ensuring that every guest can indulge in the exquisite flavors.

pleasant union farm gardens

Our Wedding Packages

Package Features

Classic Wedding Package

Farm-to-Table Wedding Package

Venue Access

12-Hour Access

12-Hour Access

Seating Capacity

Up to 120 Guests

Up to 120 Guests

Bridal Suite Access

Modern & Airy Bridal Suite with Access at 9 am

Modern & Airy Bridal Suite with Access at 9 am

Groom’s Room Access

Groom’s Room with Access at Noon

Groom’s Room with Access at Noon

Catering Options

Prestige Catering, 441 South BBQ, Family Tradition

Custom Farm-to-Table Menu featuring Fresh, Local Produce, Appetizers for Cocktail Hour, Custom Menu Including Two Entrees and Two Sides

Floral Allowance

Floral Allowance including Bride’s Bouquet, 5 Bridal Bouquets, 6 Bouts, Family Corsages, Small Arbor Floral, Centerpieces

Floral Package Featuring Locally Grown and Foraged Flowers

Wedding Cake

Custom Wedding Cake with a Variety of Flavor Options (Cake Design and Flavor Requests)

Custom Wedding Cake with a Variety of Flavor Options

DJ Services

DJ for Ceremony & Reception

DJ for Ceremony & Reception

Outdoor Amenities

Outdoor Games and Fire Pit

Fire Pit with Firewood & Attendant, Outdoor Games for Cocktail Hour & Reception

Coordination Services

Day-of Coordinator

Day-of Coordinator

Venue Staff

Venue Staff

Venue Staff and Set Up/Tear Down

In-House Décor

Table Numbers, Lanterns, Easels, Seating Chart Displays

Table Numbers, Lanterns, Easels, Seating Chart Displays

white crest farm outdoor georgia wedding venue

White Crest Farm

Nestled in Carrollton, Georgia, White Crest Farm is a charming white barn wedding venue spread across seven acres in a close-knit, historic community that values family, heritage, and hard work. Evolving from an orchard to a cotton farm to a charming historic wedding venue, it boasts picturesque countryside views, a gracefully aged barn, spacious lawns, pecan groves, and delightful gardens. It’s an ideal backdrop for rustic weddings, whether indoors or outdoors.

Irresistible Highlights

  • Private Venue and Grounds
  • 12-Hour Rental with Bridal Access Starting at 8 am
  • Access to Onsite Bridal Suite & Groom’s Suite
  • White Folding Chairs & Vintage Wood Farm Tables for up to 150 Guests (Setup & Teardown Included)
  • Rehearsal Coordination
  • Ceremony Arch Inclusion
  • Dance Floor Setup with Decor
  • Outdoor Lighting Arrangement
  • Buffet Tables for Reception
  • Onsite Ice Machine Access
  • Green Champagne Wall Feature
  • Handicap Accessible Facilities
  • Convenient Onsite Parking with Parking Attendants

white crest farm outdoor georgia wedding venue

What Makes White Crest Farm Special?

  1. SPACIOUS BRIDAL SUITE: Crafted to meet all your big day needs, our Bridal Suite is a spacious haven for you and your crew. Featuring a 5-station Makeup and Hairstyling area, in-room kitchen for quick snacks, a tiled private bathroom, and a cozy fireplace – it’s the perfect retreat for pre-wedding moments. Enjoy the luxury and convenience as you prepare for your special day!
  2. SPACIOUS EVENT SPACE: With a generous capacity of 250 guests for weddings and over 175 for receptions, our 2800 square feet Gathering Hall is the perfect venue for all your events. Welcome your guests through five stunning white French doors and watch them be captivated by our elegant chandeliers, enchanting string lights, spotlights, and lanterns – all meticulously placed to make your event extraordinary.
  3. TIMELESS WHITE BARN: Embrace the perfect country aesthetic in our Rustic Barn, an ideal setting for your cocktail hour. Mingle with your guests in this vintage, cozy area, exuding charm and warmth. For a touch of whimsy, consider throwing your bouquet from the second-story loft door, adding a delightful twist to your celebration.
  4. OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATIONS ON-SITE: To make your barn wedding experience even more special, White Crest Farm offers overnight accommodations on-site. Couples can choose to stay on the property, creating a seamless transition from celebration to relaxation. Wake up to the tranquil surroundings of Carrollton, Georgia, and relive the magic of your wedding day as you enjoy the overnight comforts provided by White Crest Farm.

white crest farm outdoor georgia wedding venue

Submit an Inquiry For More Information

Ready to take the next step? Submit an inquiry to White Crest Farm by clicking the button below for more information on how we can make your wedding plans a reality. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in creating a personalized and stress-free wedding experience. From venue details to available dates, we’re committed to helping you navigate the process and bring your dream celebration to life at our spectacular Georgia wedding venue.

white crest farm outdoor georgia wedding venue


Reviewed by Jonathan A.

Absolutely gorgeous farmhouse and barn-style wedding venue (Pleasant Union Farm). It’s just under an hour North of Atlanta and in Canton, GA which is a really cool town. The owners are great people, and every time I have been there I can tell that the team who helps run the place really cares about providing an amazing experience. I’ve had a wonderful time there and highly recommend to everyone looking for a wedding venue!

Reviewed by Laura S.

So glad we used Common Sense Events for additional staffing for our wedding! They were recommended by our coordinator, and since we did so much ourselves, it was nice that there were additional people on hand to assist our coordinator in handling all the various odds and ends that came up during our wedding. They were professional, prompt, hard-working, and constantly watched to see what needed to be done, whether it was filling drink dispensers, clearing tables, serving desserts, and keeping everything looking nice and tidy. Would 100% recommend it, and would book them again in a heartbeat.

pleasant union farm couple

Reviewed by Hunter R.

I can not say enough good things about this venue! Carol, Dennis, and their team at White Crest are absolutely wonderful. They truly think of EVERYTHING! They made sure our wedding day was the best day. They handle everything so there is no stress. Carol has a whole room full of decorations for you to choose from. This was SO helpful during the planning process. I honestly can’t imagine a more perfect day and I absolutely have White Crest to thank for that. If you are looking for a wedding venue this is it!

Reviewed by Amber G.

Common Sense Events was absolute perfection for my wedding day. Everything flowed seamlessly because of CSE and I cannot even imagine what the day would have been like without them. Every guest raved about how great the staff was and continuously asked me for their contact info for their events. Every problem that came up they tackled immediately without me (the bride) even knowing. The staff was on time, very professional, and personable. I was also extremely impressed by how quickly their responses were. I cannot say enough wonderful things about CSE, except I highly recommend you hire them.

pleasant union farm

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Weddings in Georgia

Why should I choose an outdoor wedding venue in Georgia?

Choosing an outdoor wedding venue in Georgia offers couples a myriad of benefits, creating a unique and memorable setting for their special day. Here are some compelling reasons why opting for an outdoor venue in Georgia is a fantastic choice:

  1. Scenic Beauty: Georgia boasts picturesque landscapes, from rolling hills and lush gardens to charming vineyards and historic estates. Outdoor venues provide a breathtaking backdrop for your ceremony and celebration, offering natural beauty that enhances the romantic atmosphere.
  2. Weather Variety: Georgia experiences a diverse climate, allowing couples to choose a season that aligns with their vision. Whether it’s the vibrant blooms of spring, the warm sunshine of summer, the colorful foliage of fall, or the mild winters, outdoor venues offer a dynamic canvas that can be customized to suit your preferences.
  3. Versatility of Spaces: Outdoor venues often feature versatile spaces that can be tailored to match your wedding theme and style. From open fields and gardens to vine-covered arbors and waterfront settings, you have the flexibility to create a personalized and unique experience.
  4. Connection with Nature: An outdoor wedding allows couples to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings, fostering a deeper connection with the environment. The tranquility of nature can add a sense of serenity and romance to your celebration, creating a magical ambiance.
  5. Photographic Opportunities: Georgia’s outdoor venues provide stunning photo opportunities at every turn. From sun-kissed meadows to enchanting forests, these natural settings offer a wide array of backdrops, ensuring that your wedding album is filled with timeless and captivating images.
  6. Guest Experience: Outdoor weddings often provide a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. Whether it’s an intimate garden ceremony or a grand celebration under the stars, outdoor venues create a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.
  7. Customization and Personalization: Outdoor venues offer a blank canvas that can be customized to reflect your vision. Whether you prefer a rustic, bohemian, or elegant theme, the natural setting provides a versatile foundation for creating the wedding of your dreams.
  8. Fresh Air and Open Space: Outdoor weddings provide the benefit of fresh air and ample open space. This can be particularly appealing for couples and guests who appreciate the freedom and openness that outdoor venues offer, contributing to a sense of liberation and celebration.
  9. Memorable Sunsets: Georgia’s outdoor venues often provide the opportunity to witness breathtaking sunsets. Incorporating this natural spectacle into your celebration adds a touch of magic and romance, creating a memorable conclusion to your special day.

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What is the weather like in Georgia?

Georgia offers a range of seasonal backdrops for your outdoor wedding, but each carries its considerations:

  • Spring: With the landscape coming back to life, the mild weather is perfect for an outdoor ceremony. Just be mindful of the occasional rain shower and plan for a tent or indoor option.
  • Summer: Embrace the vibrant greenery, but be prepared for heat and sudden showers. Cooling stations and hydration are key!
  • Fall: Cooler temperatures and changing leaves create a gorgeous setting. However, weather can be unpredictable; a cozy contingency plan is advisable.
  • Winter: Less common for outdoor events, but if you’re up for a winter wonderland wedding, heaters and enclosures can make it a cozy affair.

Always have an indoor or covered backup location in case Mother Nature decides to surprise you on your special day.


Average Temperature (F)



60 – 75



75 – 95



55 – 75



35 – 55

Low to Moderate

ceremony at pleasant union farm

What are some nearby places to check out?

  • Buckhead
    • Stylish Buckhead is known for its upscale malls and the independent art galleries that cluster around Miami Circle and Bennett Street.
  • Blue Ridge
    • 106,000 acres of Chattahoochee National Forest, 300 miles of hiking trails, the start of the Appalachian Trail and 100 miles of trout streams.
  • Other Areas of Interest:
    • Druid Hills
    • Tybee Island
    • Lanier Islands
    • Gwinnett County
    • Hogansville
    • Amicalola State Park

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What are some tips for an effortless outdoor celebration?

For a truly effortless outdoor wedding celebration in Georgia, keep these tips in mind:

  • Have a Weather Plan: No matter what, have a solid plan for inclement weather, whether tents, indoor options, or weatherproof accessories for guests.
  • Stay Hydrated: Set up water stations to keep guests cool, especially during the warmer months.
  • Prep the Terrain: Choose appropriate footwear and inform your wedding party if they will be walking on grass, sand, or uneven ground.
  • Incorporate Local Flora: Take advantage of Georgia’s splendor by choosing local blooms for sustainable and cohesive décor.
  • Ensure There’s Ample Lighting: String lights or lanterns can add a magical touch as the evening progresses.

Embrace the beauty of Georgia’s landscapes with thoughtful preparation, and your outdoor wedding will be as seamless as it is stunning.

pleasant union farm

What are some savvy ways to enhance my outdoor venue experience?

Transform your outdoor destination wedding from great to unforgettable with these savvy enhancements:

  • Soft Furnishings: Think plush lounge areas with comfortable seating scattered around the venue for cozy conversations.
  • Seasonal Elements: Utilize seasonal produce and flowers in your décor for a fresh look harmonizing with Georgia’s natural abundance.
  • Engage the Senses: A live band, gentle water features, or a crackling fire pit can create a multisensory experience for you and your guests.
  • Light the Night: Fairy lights, lanterns, and candles add to the allure of the evening, setting a romantic mood.
  • Outdoor Games: Lawn games like croquet or cornhole can keep guests entertained and lend a playful vibe to your outdoor setting.

pleasant union farm

Are there any forest or garden wedding venues in Atlanta GA?

Yes, Swan House Gardens and Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort offer unique settings and natural beauty, providing a memorable backdrop for your wedding celebration. Check out The Knot Worldwide for more options.

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Can my guests stay close to the wedding venue?

Yes, many outdoor wedding venues in Georgia, including ours, are either close to or offer on-site lodging options, such as inns, cottages, or nearby hotels, making it convenient for guests to stay nearby and enjoy the festivities.

pleasant union farm couple ties the knot

How can I ensure my guests are comfortable at my outdoor wedding?

Ensuring guest comfort and accessibility is essential for an unforgettable outdoor wedding affair in Georgia:

  • Accessibility: Verify pathways and facilities are accessible for all guests, including those with mobility challenges.
  • Comfort Stations: Set up stations with sunscreen, bug spray, and water to combat the elements.
  • Shade and Shelter: Provide canopies or parasols for respite from the sun and seating areas for breaks.
  • Transportation: Consider shuttle services for venues with remote parking or tricky navigation from their accommodations.
  • Signage: Clear signs can guide guests comfortably to various event locations.

Creating a welcoming atmosphere where every guest feels considered will leave lasting impressions and warm hearts.

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